"Perfecting the Combination of Music and Business"
 AMIA Music Entertainment Group ® 

After thirty years of working with some of the most prominent names in the entertainment industry, in both music & film, we have created an entertainment group that will develop, Produce and Promote some of this countries greatest music artists. AMIA Music Entertainment Group is a full-spectrum artist development group maintaining the highest level of integrity of music by using the highest quality of coaching, sound, video and image production available in the industry and nothing short of the industry’s best commercial production. AMIA prepares artists to make the successful leap from where ever they are in their music career, to mainstream industry utilizing AMIA’s music publishing, artist coaching, artist development and songwriting departments. AMIA's industry knowledge and experience is capitalized by arming itself with the best tools necessary. The founder of AMIA Music Entertainment Group, holds many years of experience in the music and film entertainment industries and over the years, partnered and worked with "A" level Hollywood producers and directors. Our production studio's have produced legendary and classic style productions matched only by those labels and studios who have produced like legendary artists, not only in studio equipment and engineering, but in total production. We specialize in and focus on this type of production only ... our experience and legendary knowledge places AMIA as an "A" list production studio's with all the Artist needs...The industries absolute best in Recording production equipment, Film & Video production equipment and Instruments...all available to every AMIA Artist.